Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sucessful Course Participants - PG County CC Beekeeping

In our second of our three-day course our participants got to have some real-time experience in the hive to work the bees.  The course, which originally had six folks registered, winnowed its way down to three, and today just two attendees.  That makes it easier and less formal for me, and more like private instruction for the group.

Taking a bit of hubris from the instructor, this student decided to forgo the veil and go commando into the hive.  His confidence proved appropriate as he received no stings.
Our other student got into the game also and worked the bottom super of the hive we repopulated with a nuc only a few weeks back.  This hive has bounced back and is beginning to fill the upper super.  Feeding regularly has helped, as had using the internal frame feeder.
Here she shows the benefits of her labors, a foundationless frame full of brood and bees.  Great stuff.

There will be another beekeeping course offered at this facility in spring.  Also, if we get enough interest, we will offer a course in the District, so let me know if that's something you'd like to try.


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