Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DC Honeybees Helping the Smithsonian

This is what is cool about living in this city.  I got an email from noted DC beekeeper and bee promoter Toni Burnham searching for some frames of honey for these hives at the Natural History Museum.  Their hive has been slow to forage this year, and even though they have been feeding the colony sugar water, it has not expanded or deposited much in the way of resources this season.

Toni was unable to help as she raises most of her bees in medium deeps, and this hive needs full deep frames of honey.  Thus DC Honeybees to the rescue.
Here is the hive.  You can see that the bees are clustered around the bottom frames and there is no activity at the top, likely due to the fact that those frames are just empty comb.  We will resolve by switching out those empty frames for a couple of full frames we pulled from some of our hives on the roof.

Here is a view from the back of the hive....Pretty simple.

Lugging those frames in a super around town was quite a feat.  I'm sore.


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