Sunday, September 25, 2011

Boneta Reserve Visit, Paris, Virginia

We manage a couple of hives out in Paris, Virginia at this farm that is both an animal rescue preserve and a working organic farm and stand.  They have emus, goats, sheep, cows, chickens and ducks.  I think that covers all of it.

These hives were part of our original April installations but did not fair as well as some, and we had to replace the bees in both hives and have been playing catch-up since July to get them to full strength.
 The bees are doing just fine now...we have two deeps on each hive and the bees are building out the upper box and firmly entrenched in the lower boxes.  I am now trying to get them jump started on filling up the upper in prep for winter.  I have to admit they do not have tons of stores available so we will have to leave some emergency sugar for them over the winter in a medium super.

 The leaness of these colonies cannot be blamed on the queens or genetics in each hive.  These girls have now seen four separate queens in two different must have something to do with the environment and foraging resources which is hard to understand given the hundreds of acres of hay fields, farms, and forest.  Next spring will be the big test.

 Martha, the farm owner/manager, has seen bumper crops in all her produce.  And the farm is remarkable close, only 1 hour from DC.  Check them out at


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