Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photoshoot at Farm at Walker Jones

I hope all this attention doesn't go to my head!!  I received a call from a reporter who does a segment for the Washington Post Magazine called First Person Singular.  They were anxious to interview a beekeeper, which as it happens I am.  The photographer has some pretty particular requirements for the shoot, and was afraid of our roof, so we ended up shooting at 7am at the Farm at Walker Jones.

It gave me a chance to observe these hives, which have been extremely successful.  Note, too, that both of these hives were donated, one by the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District, and one by DC Honeybees.

Even at this early hour, they were thriving.  This is the Russian hive.
And this was the Italian hive.  One more data point for the significant resources available for bees in the urban environment.  We may even get some honey out of the this hive from the fall flow.

The shoot, which lasted the better part of an hour, consisted of me holding a smoldering smoker and a frame of bees.  Sometimes the bees got a little friendly:
No worries, no stings!

I'll report when the article gets printed.