Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bees for Kindergarteners

My challenge today was to make about a dozen 5 year olds embrace bees -- which wasn't easy at first.

First of all, I'm behind the hives, lighting paper on fire -- a definite kindergarten no-no. Then I'm telling them to come and look closely at the frame covered in bees...

But once we settled the screams and panic attacks about stingers, they slowly started to come around.

The difficult part for me, was making the bees sound interesting on a kindergarten level.

I started off with the "Does anyone like honey?" question, to which all their tiny hands shot up. But then I defaulted into talking about collecting pollen and plant nectar and they started to get a little restless and jumpy. But, the drone bees saved the day! I told the kids they'd be able to pick out a boy bee because he has a big butt! Instant hit.

This was just one of the many bee demos for kids that will be done at The Farm at Walker Jones. Every Wednesday The Farm, in partnership with DC Greens, will host a field trip that will include a tour, food preparation activity and farming activities.


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  1. Very impressive! Capturing the interest of youth is a real feat when you are working with something that is considered harmful, but you handle it well!