Tuesday, April 17, 2012

We Visit NYC for Eight Installations - VIDEO

I think I have mentioned that my brother Ben is taking on some bee responsibilities in the Metro NYC area (especially Connecticut) as our new expansion area for the Georgetown Honeybee Company.  To establish a beach head we ran a Zozi promotion to get the word out.  We got eight hits on our urban beekeeping promotion.  However some are a little unclear about a trade area, and we ended up WAY outside NYC metro, logging in 370 miles over 12 hours of installations on a Sunday.

I started by meeting Ben in Brooklyn on Saturday evening for our first install...grabbing a well-deserved local brew while I waited for Ben to fight traffic to get in.  I had a bunch of equipment in the car to suppliment the stuff I had delivered to Ben directly.  Ben had picked up the night before 10 packages from famed NYC beekeeper Andrew Cote for our supply.

Up at 530 and then in Brooklyn by 700 for our second install we got to see the clubbers heading home while we were beginning our day.  The car was stuffed to the gills and we had to strap two boxes to the roof to make the trip without a run back to home base.
Where do the bees go?
And we delivered in the neighborhood of the famous Peter Lugers.
Peter Luger, 7am.
We then proceeded to rely on our iPhone iMap app to get us from point to point.  From Brooklyn, to Ossing to the Catskills.  We did it.

Most importantly, Ben did his first install.  The bees must of smelled his fear has he got nine stings even with his veil.  check out the installs here:

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