Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pollen Smackdown: Honey vs. Allergies

You probably don’t need one, but here’s another reason to buy LOCAL honey. All you allergy sufferers should take a spoonful of honey everyday to combat your symptoms.

Local honey contains tons of local pollen, so eating some each day helps to build up your immunity to the particles that cause allergies. Lots of supermarkets in the area have local honey – Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Yes Organic – just be sure to check where the hives are located. UPDATE: A good point was brought to my attention today: most of the pollen we're allergic to is wind-borne and not usually what bees are collecting. However, it can be argued that because these particles are very prevalent in the air, they can easily be collected in cells of honey.

If nothing else, a teaspoon will probably make scratchy, sore throats feel better. According to The Beekeeper's Bible, a 2007 Penn State study showed honey was more effective at treating coughs and sore throats than dextromethorphan, which is found in cough medicines.

Got anything to add to this debate? This article discusses both sides pretty well.

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