Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Newest DC Apiary/Nuc Nursery

Here is our latest apiary in a secluded site in Anacostia.  It was meant to be a site for 10 package installations of some of the bees we got from FatBeeMan,  but we got a little overzealous with our purchases and thus these nucs represent 20 package installations.

These are generally all my six-frame nucs of my design we showed you here.  In place of the sixth frame I substituted a one gallon frame feeder for syrup.

I installed most of the bees last week and within that time they have done very well, having drawn out lots of comb and laying eggs.  We direct-released these queens upon package installation and they did very well.

Note, too, that these are Don's small cell bees, regressed from 5.2mm foundation to 4.9mm foundation.  This small cell variety is meant to be more resistant to varroa due to their shorter development timeline in the capped cell. 

We expect a few of these packages to be ready for delivery within the next 30 days.  Any takers?  We will sell these in sealed, ventilated cardboard nucs for pickup in Georgetown.

Please let me know if you'd like to reserve one.