Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Honeybee Swarms! VIDEO

They say that a swarm is an indication of a very healthy hive.  Well I must be doing something right as they seem to be popping up with many of our hives!

I got a call from farmer Sarah at the Walker Jones Farm that one of our hives had swarmed and had created a mass on one of the bushes.  Thankfully school was closed for spring break so there were no kids around to frighten.  We captured that swarm first thing in the morning before heading out to West Virginia to install some new bees in the Fresh and Local CSA hives, of which they have nine.

While in WVa, I got a call from garden center Guru Frank who runs Old City Green in the shaw area of the District.  We installed a hive for him at the garden center and it took off with very little help or feeding.  He indicated that the hive was swarming as we spoke, but was congregating on a branch.  He wants to use those bees to start a new hive!  His site is quite small so having that many bees makes me a little concerned.

Here is the video of our work yesterday!

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