Monday, April 23, 2012

How We Assemble Frames With Our New Toy - VIDEO

After spend the morning with Don the FatBeeMan several weeks back, I saw some of his equipment and methods for building boxes and frames, including his nifty pneumatic stapler.  Wanting to stay ahead of the curve I purchased an inexpensive compressor and stapler set up from harbor freight tools.  The set up cost me about $100, but makes putting together frames a snap.  And versus assembled frames from our supplier Mann Lake (when bought in bulk) I can put together ten frames in about five minutes and save myself $7.00 per box.
  When you are doing as many installations as I am, that money adds up quickly and pays for the new toy in a season.  And, there is nothing wrong with adding new tools to the chest!

We use Ritecell foundation, which we have found to provide for neat comb production and an ease of use. We especially like that we do not have to stabilize this foundation with wire.

Here is a video of how we get it done quickly:



  1. I'm assuming that's your wife's marcle pastry board? Does she know what you're doing on it???

    Also, do you glue the frames? I've seen the frame jigs but with only 2 hives, it doesn't seem to be necessary for me. But I can see how handy that would be.

  2. Hah!! That's my pastry board, I do all the cooking so all good!

    I do not see the need for glue. I have tried pulling these apart and the mechanical fasteners do an excellent job. With the huge number if frames I have to produce, one less step is one more dollar in the pocket!

  3. Wow fantastic, I must get one of those.

    I find using a frame jig, save us heaps of time. But a stapler would be much quicker than nailing them by hand.


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