Friday, September 14, 2012

White Oak Apiary Queens Arrive!

I generally hate the post office because they generally under-staff their post offices, are expensive, and they lie about shipping times.  In this case, these bees from 300 miles away shipped priority mail were in travel for a longer duration than my nuc's sent parcel post to Memphis.  Liars. 
In any case, the royalty arrived healthy and in those cages I love.  I have homes for four of them today, and will be packaging up four more nucs tomorrow so they will be well used.  AND...I have been using my queen rearing system to breed some Long Lane Honeybee Farm genetics, and now may switch to these girls for some self-bred queens.

Stay tuned as we update our queen rearing system video.  I think we are dialing success into the process.



  1. I used that cage as well for my VSH queen. I liked it as well, it fit very nicely between the frames.
    Good luck with these queens, I hope they do well for you!

  2. I was wondering about your experience with White Oak Apiaries since I need some bees, but I've read some mixed reviews. How did your queens work out for you? Were you happy with White Oak's service? Thanks!

  3. I ordered my queen in February (payed), 2013 and now is July 2013 and still have not received the queen bee. I e-mailed White Oak Apiaries multiple times, no answer, called them, got one call back but still no bees. I almost missed the time to split the hive, I think they may be too busy or sth.