Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Successful Whole Foods Event

Today at the P Street Whole Foods we were asked to do a bee exhibit and Q & A during the evening rush.  This particular Whole Foods is located in an area of town that could be considered a little more open-minded than most other areas of the City, and ripe for our message and mission.

In the case of today, this store was donating 5% of revenues to help support junior beekeeper clubs in the city at several schools and DC Honeybees will be assisting with these newcomers.  As we have written about in this blog before, we have already established a deep relationship with the Farm at Walker Jones School, and we hope to extend our reach to three other schools in the City.  And to the extent we get more hives on City property, the less likely it is that beekeeping enforcement actions will occur with our other urban beekeepers.

Daniel who represents the store is a huge champion of the bees and urban beekeeping, and indicated his interest in continuing our dialogue, including, perhaps, stocking our honey in his store.  That would be very cool!


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