Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Beekeeping Class October 13 and 14

Back by popular demand...our two-day beekeeping class.

We eat and drink:

We build hives (which you take home with you):

We play with the bees on my roof (sporting your new veil we provide you):
And we make products from the hive including soap, candles, lip balm, and honey if it is in season.

Seriously, this two-day course (from 1-4 at my home in Georgetown) teaches basic beekeeping and handling on the first day, and we spend the second day making products from the hive.  You leave with a basic hive, a veil, and a great beekeeping book called The Backyard Beekeeper.

We limit the class to only six so the discussion is relaxed and interactive, with lots of time with the bees.  The cost is $300, but with all the equipment you are getting its almost like getting the class for free!

Please email me at if you are interested.


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