Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Busy Honey Day

Recently we were contacted by a home brewing company called Craft-A-Brew from Tampa, Fla.  They had jumped on the bandwagon of interest in the President's Whitehouse Honey Ale, brewed with honey collected from the hive located on the Whitehouse grounds.

This hive has been extremely productive, producing north of 100 lbs of honey a year.  This is consistent with some of our own hives, although their beekeeper must have much more time on his hands to manage swarms and add supers than I do!

Kyle, proprietor of Craft-A-Brew, wanted to scale down the recipe to provide one-gallon kits for his customers, and that required the addition of 3.2 oz of our honey per kit.

His initial order is for 50 units, and we used our Georgetown honey to satisfy his need...which meant filling 50 Kamenstein jars.
That was a lot of work!

We will ship these out Monday.

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