Sunday, March 20, 2011

Visit to Fresh and Local CSA - Installing Their Last Four Hives

My daughter Maddie and I made the hour and fifteen trip to this West Virginia farm to finish setting their equipment ahead of the arrival of our bees.

It was great to have her help in preparing the hives, and more importantly keeping me company on the drive.
We brought another member of our staff as well:
Victory the Dog
The CSA now has the fully expanded stand which should prove tremendously valuable for pollenation of their crops as well as collecting honey.  We set the hives along a treeline just inside from the fields.  Great luck too that we have a stream running right behind the stand.
Now for bees.


  1. found the lecithin in granulas, will this work in the honeybee health recipe recipe.

  2. Absolutely. Lecithin is really just an emulsifier so whatever works! And measurements are less important with this ingredient.