Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Crap, Where Did This Great Press Come From?

I was helping a new client determine an appropriate site on the green roof of his super-cool garage conversion (to a modern loft renovation).  I knew that he had a place out in the country in Virginia, so I began inquiring about it, about the town, etc.  He said, "Well you know Melissa Harris, right?"  Nope.  "Well she is my neighbor, she publishes a magazine which is where I heard about DC Honeybees."  Huh?  "Flavor Magazine.  That's where I heard about you and thought I had better contact you quick before the landslide of readers called you."  Who?

Okay.  I am a PR wh_re.  But I never thought I'd get some great press without a call or email.  So here is the deal:

Flavor is a relatively new publication that focuses on the Metro DC area and Virginia country life, with a particular interest in local, natural food.  Publisher Melissa is a transplanted New Yorker with a love for the country life and clearly an abundance of energy.

The magazine is a beautiful work with lots of pictures, local folks, and interesting articles.  You can find it anywhere in the DC area now.

Here is the blurb (a full page, mind you) on us:

All this info is from out site....I'd love to give them the more recent scoop of all the new beekeepers we've introduced to our infectious hobby.

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