Saturday, October 26, 2013

Junior Beekeepers

I like to think I helped create some future beekeepers today. After boiling another sugar-water mix and walking out of the house carrying our masks, gloves and syrup, the same secondary school boys from last week immediately perked up. They actually remembered, and were excited about helping me feed the bees!

But, I only had one mask, so the group of six could only sacrifice one. Luis was the lucky winner, and donned the green beekeeping getup and radioactive gloves to help me open the hives and pour some more sugar syrup on the sheet of plastic that’s laid over the 10 frames in the bottom super. Fortunately the hives are still relatively calm because they were only installed a few weeks ago, so Luis was perfectly comfortable.


  1. Since my childhood I have interest in knowing more about bees and bee keeping. Sadly I didn't get any such opportunity yet here. Good post, thanks for sharing it

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