Monday, January 13, 2014

February Weekend Bee Class Scheduled

As the days are getting longer the thoughts are leading to new spring hives. Come join us at our home in Georgetown for beekeeping instruction, beekeeping fellowship, and some new techniques.  The class runs from 1:00 to 4:00 February first and second.  We provide instruction, food and adult beverages, as well as a basic hive, veil, and instructional manual.  If the weather cooperated we will also play with the bees on my roof. We've successfully introduced countless folks to the joy of beekeeping with this weekend.  The cost is $300 and includes the equipment described.

We only have room for six. Please email me at if you are interested.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Making Swarm Lure At Home, An Experiment - VIDEO

The Juice
Jerry and I are headed down to Florida tomorrow to check on, and potentially move our bees from Davie to Vero Beach into the citrus groves.

Our luck in Davie has been mixed.  The fire ants and wax moths have been a continued problem, and several of the hives have succumbed to these pests.  The build-up we had hoped to capture during the brazilian pepper flow in September/October failed to materialize in a meaningful way, meaning back-filling with corn syrup, an adventure on its own with Dadant in High Springs, Florida (a six hour drive each way for us) the only supplier.  Jerry has been down since (without his Tonto) and saw modest improvement after the syrup feeding and substantial pollen patty supplementation, but Tuesday will prove out where we are after these last four months.