Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swarm at Church of the Pilgrims

I had a big bee weekend this week, hitting almost all the hives we manage including those in the far reaches of Maryland and West Virginia.  My first stop on Saturday was the Church, which has two hives that have truly thrived without much attention or feeding from me, a testament to to the ample foraging opportunities in our city.  Their Russian hive has filled up two deeps and I am considering adding a honey super, and their Italian hive, installed in May, needed a second box which is why I was there on Saturday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Been Away For A While, I Know!

This new job of mine has me working like a dog and I have been unable to attend to the beekeeping as much as I would like.  Also, I leave the area most weekends to see my family who is away for the summer, so there are no opportunities on the weekend to play.  That said, I have been attending to a large number of nucs on my rooftop when I can get the ladder out, and am installing a new hive here and there for new beekeepers.  I also have some new beekeeping observations: