Friday, February 25, 2011

Smoker Fuel Cartridges (Homemade!)

I cannot take credit for this idea as I saw something similar on YouTube, but want to try it out with my smoker.  To be able to just pop a cartridge into a lit (and hot!) smoker rather than fumbling for more fuel/leaves/cardboard with a gloved hand seems on the surface to be a step in the right direction.

Here is what I did.

This is a paper towel tube simply cut in half.  You can adjust the length of your tube to reflect the size of your smoker (no jokes please).

I then crumple a piece of paper (newspaper, copy paper, etc) and jam it in one end of the tube.

 My smoker fuel of choice is pet cage wood shavings.  They are easy to find in the grocery store, burn long, and begin to smolder quickly.  I then fill and pack the shavings in the tube's open end.  Pack tightly.

Finally, I crumple another piece of paper and close off the open end with it.  To keep the assembly together until needed I secure both ends with a rubber band:

Of course I will remove the rubber bands before adding to the smoker.

I have to confess I have yet to have an opportunity to try these out, so if you try it let me know how they work ie ease of ignition (into a lit smoker), length of burn, and heat of smoke.