Sunday, February 27, 2011

EatWellDC Natural Farm - LaPlata, Maryland.

Today I met David Winer, managing partner of EatWellDC restaurant group, and his partners at their new farm in LaPlata, Maryland. 
David’s Successful restaurants include Logan Tavern, Commissary, The Heights, and Grillfish.  Check out this savvy entrepreneur and his restaurants here.

David was on the front page of the Washington Business Journal a few weeks back describing his new farm, purchased to supply his restaurant with fresh, local, and naturally grown produce.  I took a flyer that he might be interested in getting some bees on his farm and to my delight he embraced the idea and sponsored three hives on his property.  Honey at Logan Tavern seems just around the corner.

The 40 acres are located in a quiet neighborhood and are the last undeveloped section of a subdivision.  Formerly a tobacco farm, the property boasts, beyond fertile soil, a pond, stream, barn, and now BEES!

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