Friday, February 11, 2011

Installation at Patowmack Farm

We got out to Lovettsville, Virginia today to install some hives for the farm at the excellent restaurant and grower Patowmack Farm.  Not only are they regarded as one of the best restaurants in the Leesburg area,

their expansive farm grows many of the vegetables, herbs, and berries served on their menu.  I walked the blueberry section of the farm today and was amazed at description of the yields the farm expects. 

Our bees will certainly help!  We installed one brand new hive and repaired two older hives we found in the woods.  They had been healthy hives at one time, but we found the cluster starved in the middle of the deeps.  We cleaned out those boxes and introduced new frames....I think the patina on those hives is charming.  We did upgrade the two hives with screened bottom boards, notched inner covers, and hive top feeders for each.

April 17th is the date for bee introduction.

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