Friday, October 1, 2010

Let's Review Ahead of Winter

I introduced two more new queens from B Weaver Apiaries yesterday (one split, and one queenless hive), my last of the season.  

Of the original two 10-frame nuc colonies I purchased from in August, I now have:
  • Two colonies growing in those original nucs;
  • Two colonies growing in Langstroth equipment;
  • Three colonies growing in 6-frame nucs that I built.
Of these colonies all but the Langstroth hives have been queened with B Weaver queens.  One queen in an original 10-frame nuc seems to be on her last laying legs and I do not expect this colony to survive.  The balance of the B Weaver queens seem to be laying well.

In the Langstroth hives there is the original Carniolan queen in one hive, and one hive that is rearing a new queen.

I have been feeding these colonies rigorously with 1/1 syrup and homemade pollen patty substitutes. The healthiest of these hives have been taking 1/2 gallon of syrup every 2 days.  I have also been treating for small hive beetle with boric acid using the fatbeeman's innovative technique:

I will bring the nucs off the roof and set them out back when the weather cools so I can monitor and feed more easily during the winter.  I am hopeful that all the money I've spent to re-queen and split colonies will pay dividends in spring with surviving, healthy, and productive colonies.  I will move all frames to Langstroth equipment and permanent sites in early March weather permitting.

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