Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garden Hives Available

Have the most bountiful flowers and vegetable garden in the neighborhood by having us install a garden hive on your property, rooftop or balcony.  These hive are perfect for small scale pollination and are a great introduction to this hobby.  If you find beekeeping to your liking we can move the colony from this garden hive into a full-sized box and get your girls working on producing honey for your pantry and friends.

We have these 5-frame hives available today for installation, and can order additional hives in your choice of color, or natural.  These hives are hand-assembled with screws for durability and longevity.  Ordering today puts you in a position to be ready to accept a package of bees early in the spring.  If you reserve a package of bees today for spring we can pass along that discount to you and give you your choice of bee breeds.   I have some strong colonies I can install in these hives for those needing instant gratification, but I cannot guarantee they will survive the winter.  Please continue to support our mission of increasing the bee population in and around Washington, DC. 

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