Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Third and Season Finale Trip to Don the Not-So-Fat FatBeeMan - VIDEO

We had our final visit to Don this season, to bathe in his knowledge and pick up 35 more packages.  Most of these packages will go into nucs in our nuc-ery and be used to expand our pollination prospects.

One of our nuc stands
We are trying to grow to 40 hives, on four-way pallets (a custom pallet that holds four colonies).  We will bring these hives to Florida in the fall to grow on the Brazilian Pepper flow, then out to California for the almonds.  There is huge demand now for bees in CA, due to the continued dwindling of pollination resources.  Investing in resistant stock and strong, treatment free colonies is our strategy to deal with this risk, even though it means more expensive start-up costs for bees.

Here is the video we took while we were down with Don, joining him while he was inspecting his hives.


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