Monday, June 17, 2013

Making Pallets

With the bee delivery season behind us we are making splits and introducing queens to increase the number of colonies we have to 40 at our off-site apiary.  These 40 will make the trek to FLA in September or October to feast on the Brazilian Pepper nectar flow, build up in size, and then be ready for the almonds in February.

Unlike hobbyist beekeepers which use individual bottom boards for each stack of supers, the commercial guys, for speed and efficiency, use custom-built pallets that can hold four or six colonies at a time and which can be handled by a fork lift and stacked for shipping.

Our large vehicle, an Explorer, is about to leave the area for the summer, And I need to make at least a few more of these pallets ahead of its departure.  So I'll be making a couple of runs to Home Depot this week.

This weekend I knocked out two.  First cutting the wood to size,

 Then assembling:

Yes, that is my living room floor.  We are lacking space!

Stay tuned as we set these up and transfer bees to them.