Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wanted: Interns

The Spring approaches quicker then I think in most seasons, and it is the busiest part of the year for beekeeping.  Just a few things to do:
  • Install new bees in our dead-outs;
  • Feed sugar syrup to the colonies;
  • Add pollen patties to our colonies;
  • Build, deliver new equipment and set up for clients;
  • Build nuc boxes;
  • Introduce bees to nucs;
  • Feed nucs;
  • Inspect our hives for swarm prevention;
  • Add honey supers;
  • Harvest honey.
We have about 25 hives that we manage across the region, mostly in DC but a few in the hinterlands.  Thus, an intern must have a car.  We will provide all the syrup and other materials, but we need commitment, elbow grease, and wheels.  We will provide all the training.

Please contact me at jeff@dchoneybees.com if you are interested.

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