Monday, January 7, 2013

Goin' Pollinatin' in Florida

As some of you may remember I have had an excellent working relationship with Jerry Mattiaccio from Rock Hill Bee Farms.  I began buying bees from Jerry in 2010 when he was focused more on nuc production, equipment, and bee sales.  Happily, I am now the recipient of a windfall as Jerry is expanding, significantly, his focus on pollination.  This past summer I got to join him in southern Virginia where he had put about 60 hives on pumpkins.

We uploaded a video about that in August on this post.

On Friday Jerry and I hook up the trailer to his truck and head down south to FLA to move his hives to the orange groves.  We will spend four days down there moving the hives, feeding them, and doing the usual housework required to make sure they are in excellent shape.

What to bring:

Bee suit.




Bathing suit.  Don't think I'll need one!!

I'll be taking a lot of video of the week to share with you.

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