Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kaitlin's Bee Exhibit

You have probably met Kaitlin before as she tends to be my sous when I am working with the bees and has appeared in many of our videos.  She has taken to beekeeping like a fish to water in spite of some adversity (read: stings) and has made it part of her own mission to continue to learn more while enlightening others.  At her school today she put on an exhibit that included our single-frame observation hive which attracted lots of attention.

Ironically, the focus of her project was bee-sting relief: testing several topical remedies to see which one provided the most benefit.  I say ironically because she chose to pull the frame of bees from the hive and install it herself in the observation hive.  Things did not go so well:

 She got stung in several areas, but the most obvious and egregious was a ping on the lip.  AND IT IS HER BIRTHDAY TODAY!!
Happy birthday honey, and I hope your science research proves fruitful in addressing the swelling!