Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Did a Little Rooftop Beekeeping Today

These are hives we have on the rooftop of the Mt Vernon Triangle Business Improvement District headquarters.  We started them out last season, and had one failure (which we replaced with a nuc) and one that went gangbusters.  They have survived the winter thanks to some mid-winter feeding and both were ready for a honey super.

This is really exciting that we will get some honey off these hives!  Can't wait to share it with our friends in the Triangle...

 The first hive we opened was literally bubbling with bees.  After a passing thunder shower they were none too happy.  I got pinged a few times.

For both these hives we have 2-gallon frame feeders to feed syrup.  We have not fed for a while as the flow is on and we want the honey we collect to be pure nectar.  We did, however, add pollen patties to each of the hives to encourage as much brood as possible.
Here are the hives with their honey supers on, ready to collect Triangle Gold.  We will check on these hives in two weeks to see how the honey collection is going.  There may be a need to add another super on very soon.

After these hives we went to check on the girls at Walker Jones Farm.

This is the coolest place, not the least of which because the farm manager is such a fan of the bees.  We love that!!

This honey super was overflowing with bees and the girls were building out comb to store this gold.  Hoping to see some capped honey here in a few weeks, but could not get a good look as I did not have my smoker.

I have 45 packages coming in this Saturday.  stay tuned for more bee fun.