Friday, January 13, 2012

Small Cell Bees Available, FatBeeMan Stock

Don the Fat Beeman

I am intending to haul a limited number of packages up from Don's operation in Lula, Ga in late March/early April.  These will be 3 pound packages with Don's hybrid stock of Russian/Carniolan descent.

Small cell bees are reputed to be better at warding off varroa.  While the jury remains undecided on this issue, some of the greatest practical beekeepers of our time (Don, Michael Bush) are proponents of the theory and manage their bees in small cell environments.  You will need to use small-cell frames in your supers to continue the small-cell benefits (4.9mm cell size).  Here are the frames used by Michael Bush for this purpose:

Check out Don's YouTube Channel here:

and one of my favorite videos of him here:

Don is obsessive about raising only treatment-free bees on clean wax, so you will be hard pressed to find bees that are taken care of better than these.

We will be offering both packages, for pick-up in Georgetown in March, and 5-frame nucs later in April.

Please email at for details and pricing.

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