Monday, January 9, 2012

Package Bees

I have packages coming, weather permitting, in late March (very early in the season so better for early build-up).  If this winter continues to be mild, these bees might come even earlier.  I received many packages from this supplier last year and they were healthy, large, and fresh (few dead bees).  These are 3-lb packages of Italians, and I used them myself and was pleased to see how quickly they built up (with proper syrup feeding and some pollen patties).

If you are planning on starting a hive this Spring, please contact me pronto to reserve one of these packages.  Special pricing is available for those who pick up the bees in Georgetown, or I can install the package for you for the standard price.

Those of you who are attending the classes we are providing have bees reserved for you if you chose to purchase them for the Spring.


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