Sunday, October 16, 2011

Georgetown Honeybee Company Up and Running

As I have described in the past, DC Honeybees is organized as a non-profit corporation with goals to propagate more bee colonies and teach folks about the importance of bees to our ecosystem.  In managing the company solo and then with Katy, I realized I needed to provide a mechanism to create a clean delineation between my own hobbyist activities and those activities associated with the management of the hives that DC Honeybees has taken on.
Thus was born the Georgetown Honeybee Company, a for-profit company that will provide equipment and management services to DC Honeybees.  We also hope to expand the new company's offerings to include products of the hive including local honey, beeswax items, and bee-related gifts.

One benefit of the new company is that it will allow us to expand into new markets so as not to be so DC-centric.  DC Honeybees will remain our local footprint, but we are now expanding into Fairfield County, Connecticut, the New York City area, and the Boston area.  So let me introduce my partners:

Ben Ingalls is a teacher and business-person who is a principal of the Georgetown Honeybee Company.  Ben lives in Darien, Connecticut and will cover the New York City metropolitan area.

Christian Galacar lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts and is a money manager by trade but a beekeeper in his off-time.  Christian will cover the Boston area for the Georgetown Honeybee Company.

If you know of any potential beekeepers in the north, please let them know about us!


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