Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candlemaking On A Rainy Day - Video

It was snowing and in the 30's yesterday, so the kids and I made some beeswax candles.  Note, unless you have a larger  (10+ hives) apiary, you are unlikely to generate enough wax to make a lot of candles...and it is not the most efficient use of your resource.
For instance, two tapered candles takes about 5 oz of wax and I can sell those for $7 a pair.  Compare that with lip balm, which I sell for $3/oz, and I can make 30 oz of it with the same amount of wax plus some inexpensive oil (olive, almond, etc.).

You can buy bulk wax at Brushy Mountain Bee Supply for about $6/lb if you factor in shipping, and it is this wax I use to make these candles.  It is easy, fun, and the kids enjoy participating.  And the candles are top notch.

Here is the video:

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  1. I enjoyed watching you make candles. Didn't realize how easy it could be. Loved the bobbi pin trick.