Saturday, January 22, 2011

Liberty Hall Rescue at Boneta Reserve Visit

One of our installation will be at the Liberty Hall Rescue at Boneta Reserve in Paris, Virginia.  I know, not exactly urban beekeeping but still a lot great foraging area in a beautiful setting only one hour from Georgetown.  I took my kids for a site visit today and got a chance to mingle with their extremely friendly livestock.  They have an assortment of goats:

a miniature horse:
And sheep, ducks, chickens, alpacas and llamas.

The kids had a blast.  The Reserve is a non-profit organization that provides a sanctuary for abused or distressed livestock.  From their website:
We provide a home and safe haven for rescued animals. complete with all the comforts and considerations needed to insure the safety, free mobility, and longevity of the animals. 

They also have a large garden from which they harvest produce for sale at their farm stand and to local restaurants.

I can't wait to get the hives out there!