Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where is the DC Bee Community?

Here is a copy of an entry I made to a DC beekeepers blog where I vented a bit on the weak activity in this critical policy-making city:

I'm feeling very alone in this market given the relative quiet on the local blogs regarding beekeeping, including this one.  The local beekeeping associations, to which I belong, are also short on outreach or even modest organization.  For instance, I wrote to one association asking about whether they are planning a bulk package buy for this spring, and I have received no response for 30 days.
I am please to offer the link to my blog which is updated regularly and which describes our initiatives and their modest success.
Come on, people.  The bee is dying and the beekeeper is aging.  We need new, young blood and outreach is the key, coupled with partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Was that like going postal, or what?  Tomorrow, I jaywalk.

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  1. Hi Jeff, I stumbled across your blog through the DC-Urban-Gardener Yahoo group. We, too, are novice DC urban beekeepers -- on Capitol Hill. We installed our hive last spring in a second story, south facing sleeping porch. Saw some activity during the beautiful sunny day yesterday so we're taking that as a good sign our girls will make it through the winter. I agree that the few local beekeepers in DC are a quiet bunch. Maybe our families can get together and trade stories.
    All the best,