Sunday, September 19, 2010

Developments in My Split Hive Experiment

As you may remember, I split my weak hive in two, hoping that the brood and bees in the queenless half would produce their own queen.  Luck has not been with me here.

The frame I put into this queenless hive had a queen in development but this cell was damaged in transfer.  I hoped that other cells might provide good queen potential, and thus inspected the hive today to look.

I was surprised to find many cells that included multiple eggs, four or five in fact, which is an indication of a laying worker bee and the potential demise of the colony.  There is an uncapped queen cell that remains in development but info in the web suggests that even if a healthy queen hatched, the colony might reject her and dispatch her.

I hope to have two new queens sent this week....perhaps if I introduce this queen while protected by the queen cage and let the bees slowly accept her the laying workers may invite her to stay and begin laying.

Here's to hoping!

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