Friday, June 1, 2012

Moving Hives Off the Roof - VIDEO

As you may remember, we began our urban beekeeping adventures like many city-dwellers in placing our first hives on our roof.  Since then we have done countless rooftop installations in DC for our new beekeepers.  Never, however, have we had to do the reverse, and take a hive off a roof.

Just my luck that it would be my hives that needed to be relocated.  It seems that my neighbor, or more specifically his wife, has been stung by bees in her yard...a fact that I find surprising given the fact that none in my family have had issues here or at our hives in RI where the bees are even closer.  That said, we have asked them to put up with bee craziness in the front of the house, various swarms, etc so time to give them a break.  And they will be moving in the next sixty days so I think the decommissioning is temporary.

Anyhow, here is a video of how we moved the hives to our outyard in Anacostia:

Of the remaining hives, we have ordered queens to allow us to break up these supers into nucs that we can let ripen for summer sales.  So no harm, except the pain of moving the hives and the forgone honey.