Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Visit to Blair Gardens and Church of the Pilgrims-VIDEO

I has been a couple of weeks since we visited each of these sites and installed their honey supers.   The Blair hives (two of them) seem to have taken turns in being healthy and vibrant.  We had to replace the bees of the right hive with a nuc late last summer due to some unknown malady, but now that hive is going gang busters, making honey, and took a new honey super. 
The left hive by comparison was slow and waffling.  We did check for brood and eggs so she is in there working, just not laying with the rapidity we'd like to see.

At the Church we have three hives that have all been very healthy, and there have actually been two swarms witness from them, although neither were retrieved.  The middle hive is in excellent shape, filling up one and working on the second honey super.  The right hive, which swarmed last year and which we suspect was the mother of the two swarms, is a little less active now and there is no activity yet in that honey super.  The left hive, the one that died this winter thanks to my own laziness, was repopulated with a nuc and is so healthy that it now needs a honey super.  Hooray.

Here is the video:

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