Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hot Process Soap Making - VIDEO

On a cold and rainy evening brother Ben (from Georgetown Honeybee Company) and I wrestle with hot process soap.  We use a variety if fats that also include lard and beeswax for this batch.  The measurements and lye amount are listed in the Description section on the YouTube site.

Lye is not terribly easy to find.  Go you your local hardware store (Lowes carries it, but my Home Depot does not.  Ace and other independents are more likely to carry it) and look in the drain opener/unclogger section.  It will be in powder or chip form and be labeled "100% Lye."  Do not use liquid drain openers or any product that is not 100% lye.  The stuff is very nasty and when introduced to water will create a caustic vapor so mix in a well-ventilated area and don't inhale.

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