Sunday, April 10, 2011

Installation at the Farm at Walker Jones

The kids and I headed over to the Farm to install their hive ahead of next weekend's bee delivery.  Today was a special work day at the Farm, with new beds being dug and prepared, old beds being torn out, and berries and figs being planted.

 Our staff got started right away setting the stand and the supers.  We had left the boxes with the art program at the school, and they had done a wonderful job in painting the hive in bee themes.

Notice also that the hive stand is a little oversized for our one hive...We are hopeful that some kind soul will donate another to the farm for twice the buzz!!  Any takers?

Following the hive setup, we got to work volunteering on the farm which was busting with activity:

We had brought some of our own tools and were assigned to rake out debris from some of the beds:

Bees go in next Saturday.